5 spring cleaning services to include in your commercial landscaping contract

A garden with two bags of waste that was collected in fall from the garden. Spring Cleaning

It is true that commercial gardeners are very busy in the spring, which makes it the time for a clean-up. Prepare your property for the colorful season with an thorough spring cleaning service for a clean and welcoming outside area.


Spring is an excellent time for a clean-up. Spring is busy for commercial gardeners.

Does your commercial landscape maintenance contract include the spring cleaning services your property needs?



Spring Cleaning: Pruning

Spring is the time to prune and prune perennials, roses, and any plants, like spirulina, where flowers grow. Pruning allows for good air circulation and sunlight for healthy plants.

Structural pruning can also be done in the spring to allow air and sun through the canopy of flowering plants.



The border gives your flowerbed a clean and tidy look. Our landscaping teams create a 90-degree 2.5-inch edge around all plant beds. They also clear dry leaves and bed debris that may contain pathogens or insect eggs.


Spring Cleaning: Overlay on the commercial landscape

Spring mulch gardeners underestimate the power of mulch. Mulch is the finishing touch that makes a landscape truly shine. Our team ensures that mulch is not piled up too high around tree stumps and bushes. Too much mulch can cause rot, inviting insects and disease.



We provide food for hungry trees and bushes, plus a pre-emergent herbicide to repel annual weeds. Fertilization should be introduced as a commercial landscaping service in the spring.


Lawn Cleaning

A messy lawn makes your entire property look unsightly and neglected.

Our team will rake the old leaves left after they fall on the lawn and pass them on with mulch cutters. Old leaves breaks them down into healthy portions for your lawn.

The ravages of snow, ice, and wind in winter cause many smaller branches to crack and fall, scattering your lawn debris that needs clearing.




Property Check

Winter is tough on the landscape. Parking blocks can be damaged by snow. The panels can be folded. Your contract may not include an inspection of the property, but we do.


Why spring cleaning is important for commercial property

Of course, you love the clean, tidy landscape of spring cleanups, which adds appeal to your curb. But spring cleaning is also done for the health of your landscape.

Perennials need pruning to rejuvenate in spring. Mulch traps weeds and retains moisture for the hot summer months ahead. Your lawn cannot thrive if it is clogged with soggy leaves and a layer of fallen twigs.


Spring Cleaning: Improving the Landscape

Several improvements go hand in hand with the spring cleaning service. 

Replace dead trees, shrubs, or trees. Remove any old plants that grow out of control or are blocking windows or signs. Spring is a good time of year to replace them.

Repair or replace any grass area damaged by plow or salt. Snow removal can be harmful to grass. Some customers use salt instead of landscape-friendly defrosting products. Salt-damaged lawns near sidewalks and driveways may need to be replaced. 


Our landscaping teams start with pre-spring fertilizers and herbicides, as well as post-emergence herbicides to attack broadleaf weeds lurking in your lawn. Spring is also the time to prevent crab claw grass. We would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.


Landscaping Saskatoon focuses on commercial properties such as offices, mixed-use locations, and institutions in Saskatoon. Contact us for your next spring cleaning job.