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Patio Saskatoon: Transform Your Backyard into an Oasis

Your Backyard, Your Haven

Backyards are more than just outdoor spaces—they are extensions of your living area. Backyards strengthen family bonds and create memories. At Landscaping Saskatoon, we understand the significance of turning your backyard into a haven, and our expert team specializes in designing and building patios that go beyond the ordinary.   


Designing Your Dream Patio

Patio Designs, Shapes, and Features

The possibilities for patio Saskatoon designs are endless, and we pride ourselves on offering all shapes and features. Whether you envision a sleek and modern patio or a charming, traditional space, our team is here to bring your dream design to life. We consider your preferences, the existing landscape, and architectural elements to ensure your patio Saskatoon complements your house and becomes an eye-catching accent to your property.



Patio Saskatoon Extension and Hardscaping Focus

A well-designed patio Saskatoon extends your house and provides relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor space. Our hardscaping expertise allows us to seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of your backyard, enhancing its overall appeal.

Crafting the Perfect Patio Saskatoon

The Joy of a New Patio Saskatoon

Building a new patio is a joyous endeavour for us. We take pride in every step, from the initial design phase to the final build. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with a patio that exceeds your expectations.



Creating Moments with Family and Friends

A patio Saskatoon is not just a structure but a space where you can share special moments with family and friends. Our designs prioritize functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, ensuring your patio becomes the go-to spot for gatherings, celebrations, or simply unwinding after a long day.


Patio Saskatoon Pricing: Transparent and Fair

Square Foot Pricing and Factors Affecting Costs

We believe in transparent pricing that reflects the value of our craftsmanship. While square foot pricing is a metric, we acknowledge the factors affecting patio costs. Factors such as clay subsoils, backyard accessibility, and the type of paving stones all contribute to the final pricing.


Data-Influenced Quoting for Accurate Pricing

We leverage data from past projects to provide you with the most accurate pricing. This data-driven approach allows us to consider the unique aspects of your project, ensuring a fair and accurate quote. We understand that pricing is essential for both us and our valued customers.


Hot Tub Integration: Planning for Additional Load

We have you covered if you dream of adding a hot tub to your patio. Our team plans effectively for the additional load, adjusting the base material depth from 6” to 10” to accommodate the weight of the hot tub. Planning ahead ensures a seamless integration without compromising the structural integrity of your patio.

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Weed and Ant Prevention: Ensuring Longevity

Polymer Enhanced Jointing Sand for Weed Prevention

Weed growth through paving stone joints can be a concern. However, our use of polymer-enhanced jointing sand acts as a preventive measure. This specialized sand hinders weed growth, ensuring your patio remains pristine and low-maintenance.


Ant Prevention with Effective Drainage

We understand the importance of preventing ant colonization. We create an environment that discourages ants by implementing open-graded base systems and effective drainage solutions. Fine material removal and natural sand further contribute to ant prevention.

Partner with Landscaping Saskatoon for Your Dream Space

Water Management and Professional Guidance

We recommend natural sand usage unless an extensive water management plan is in place for yards with high groundwater levels. Our team provides professional guidance, ensuring your patio is beautiful and designed to withstand environmental factors.


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Ready to transform your backyard into an oasis with a new patio? Landscaping Saskatoon is here to answer your questions, provide more information, and turn your patio dreams into reality. Call us today for expert advice and start the journey to a stunning outdoor living space.

Experience the joy of a well-crafted patio with Landscaping Saskatoon. Your backyard oasis awaits!