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A lawn mower on grass, in a garden. Lawn Care Saskatoon

We want to give you a beautiful, green, weed-free lawn all season. Our premium lawn care Saskatoon maintenance will create sustainable healthy green spaces for you to experience as long as our seasons permit. 



At Landscaping Saskatoon, we offer a wide range of commercial and residential lawn services, and we believe in keeping your lawn looking its best all season long. We use the best equipment to perform work accurately and efficiently. Our equipment is subject to a rigorous maintenance and inspection program to ensure our mowers use sharp mower blades. Sharp blades provide a clean cut for a healthier lawn. 


Our comprehensive lawn care Saskatoon program ensures a beautiful, healthy lawn without the hassle. While we mow, trim, and blow your yard, our highly skilled team takes the time to create detailed reports to monitor your lawn’s condition. Our team conducts regular on-site inspections at each facility and tracks weekly visits by staff. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will take the necessary steps to keep your property in top condition.


  • Installation and repair of irrigation systems
  • Scarring (spring) and aeration (autumn)
  • Clean-up activities in spring and autumn
  • Over-seeding and fertilizing
  • Lawn installation and repair
  • pest control
  • Grass clippings removal service


We create bespoke schedules and fertilizer formulations tailored to your plot needs. We can customize your irrigation system and fertilizer application times based on rainfall. Our lawn care Saskatoon projects focus on ensuring that we provide adequate fertilizer for your lawn.


Here’s how to keep your lawn looking great with fertilizing.

  • Keeps grass dense and prevents weed encroachment.

  • An economical/cheap way to keep your lawn healthy

  • Fertilizer is a great way to extend and maintain your lawn’s life

  • Without fertilizer, most grasses will have difficulty maintaining their vigour and colour.

  • Nitrogen helps to improve the growth and give your lawn that great green colour. Potassium increases the lawn’s resistance to drought and disease. Phosphorus nourishes grass seedlings and the development of grass roots.


Balance nutrients

Amending the soil to optimize plant health, Applying proper cultivation practices to a healthy lawn can be difficult.


Our lawn care Saskatoon services start with natural essentials, which always include fertilization and aeration.


Our lawn experts will evaluate your lawn and help you determine what is best for your lawn. Options may include:


  • different sowing methods

  • top dressing

  • soil survey

  • soil conditioner

A closeup of green grass

Considerations for alternative landscaping solutions

Laying a lawn

There’s nothing fresher and nostalgic than walking barefoot on soft, healthy grass, free of prickly weeds and pesky dandelions. Laying a new lawn gives you the opportunity to start over a neglected or infested lawn. Not only does it cover the greenery, but it also acts as a natural drainage channel for rainwater. A lawn is a great way to create a safe place for children and pets to play.


Remove old and damaged grass and replace it. Place fresh grass on clean ground. Create stunning, well-planned additions to existing outdoor spaces for your next lawn care Saskatoon project. 


Garden design and installation

There are many things to consider when designing your garden. We consider your preferences, the style and beauty of your home, and the level of ongoing maintenance you are comfortable with. We have access to the highest quality and most extensive selection of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. We know what to plant and where based on each plant’s specific needs in order to make your garden flourish! Contact us for your next lawn care Saskatoon project.


A closeup of grass in front of a deck