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Are you looking for a professional landscaping company that can help you create the perfect outdoor space and to complete your next landscape design Saskatoon job? 



We understand that creating a visual representation of your outdoor space is the best way to ensure you get what you want. 

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction. From start to finish, we offer advice and action and answer all your questions for any landscape design Saskatoon job.


A scaled version of your garden will show you how the parts interact in both 2D and 3D can mean the difference between disappointment and exhilaration. 


Our design team’s expertise ensures you get what you want to see, which means no surprises or disappointments for you and your construction team on your next landscape design Saskatoon project.


Why start with design on your next landscape design Saskatoon project?

Our dedicated landscape architects will work with you to refine your ideas into bespoke concept plans. When you choose us as your landscape architect, we use approved designs to provide detailed estimates and timelines for project tracking and budgeting throughout the construction stages for a seamless experience.


Aspects of Landscape Design​ Saskatoon

Initial design consultation

During the initial consultation (phone or in-home meeting), our landscape architect will lead an initial discussion on the scope of the landscape design Saskatoon project which includes: location, size, initial design ideas, application, materials, budget, and schedule.


Site analysis

As part of a site survey, our landscape architects carry out an inventory and analysis of the site, typically using a survey plan (provided by the customer or a professional surveyor). Site analysis includes localization of site features, current vegetation to be kept, topographic review and elevation survey, existing buildings or structures where appropriate, current use of the space, and assessment of environmental factors (site orientation). , sunlight, shade, noise, wind, water, soil, etc.). Our landscape architects also explore the area or neighbourhood to get a picture of the space (usage, architecture, vegetation, culture, etc.).


For smaller projects that do not require a survey, the landscape architect will visit his site one or more times and provide all necessary site measurements and elevation information. As part of the process, we take photographs on-site and work with you on a final overview of the scope. 


Basic Plan

At this stage, our landscape architect will review the existing site layout based on site visits, architectural drawings prepared for the completed new construction or renovation project, or on-site measurements depending on the scale of the project. 


Concept Plan

During the initial concept design stage, landscape architects input their ideas into landscape design software to develop initial ideas for the project.


Landscape projects come in many sizes, so you may need to consult a landscape architect, geotechnical engineer, or civil engineer. In the concept stage, we prepare some landscape ideas and move on to the final version once communication/evaluation with the client is complete.


The purpose of the concept plan is to get a clear understanding of the landscape design while understanding the proposed work area and scope. These plans often include land use, access and terrain notes, project images, renderings (perspectives, aerial photographs, etc.), and typical material palettes. 


This phase also includes design time to review the inspirational materials and create a conceptual plan for the landscape design Saskatoon. 


Concept plan

In this final stage, the landscape designer develops their ideas in more detail to ensure the concept design is achievable and will meet the client’s needs. At this stage, our Landscape Designer also determines if there are any issues (topographic, access, services, drainage, budget) as the design evolves.


This portion is the final phase of design development and includes color plans, sections, and material palettes with a notation about materials, colors, heights, and more.


Depending on design scope and needs, this phase can include highly detailed documents (plans, sections, details, material schedules) ready for landscape construction companies to provide initial pricing. 


Landscape Design Saskatoon drawing

A construction drawing is a design document that contains detailed site plans, sections, schedules, construction details, quantities, and specifications that landscape suppliers or vendors use to price and construct a project.


Coordination with other consultants and engineers is required to reduce the likelihood of landscape design Saskatoon problems and to resolve overlapping design elements (architecture, landscape, lighting, engineering, etc.). 


Planting plan

Our team will create a planting plan or layout with detailed planting lists, sizes, and quantities. Whether you want to create a complete vegetable garden in your front yard or quiet flowers in your backyard, we have the perfect plants for your landscaping. This process can also include a catalogue with photos detailing the elements and all the plants you need for your garden. 


Lighting plan

Creating a landscape lighting plan includes layout plans and specifications for all outdoor lighting fixtures. We also post images of the product. Outdoor lighting is perfect for entertaining your garden or for an exciting stage in your landscaping. 


Watering Schedule

At this stage, the architect or designer creates a fully featured 3D model and rendering of her, providing a realistic view of the finished design concept, if desired. 


Design takeover

This phase includes meeting with the client at our office, on-site, or in a virtual conference to present and review the final design approved by the estimator and completed.


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